Various Committees (2019-20)

Duties of Staff Members


The following duties have been assign to the staff members for conduction various activities during the session 2018-19. The Incharges/Conveners of various committees are required to prepare the action plan for the smooth conduct of activities during the session and submit the report as and when required to the principal.


1-      Grievance Re addressed, Sexual Harassment Re-Addressed Committee at School Level –

(A) Ms Rajani Gola                                          -                  Convener

(B) Ms S. Shahtaj Moeen                                 -                  Member

(C) Sh. R. D. Prasad                                        -                  Member


2-      VVN Purchase Committee –

(A) Sh. Sanjeev Kumar (PGT-Physics)          -                  Convener

(B)                                                              -                  Member

(C) Sh. Abhishek Jain                                   -                  Member

(D)                                                              -                   Member

(E) Ms Arnika Tyagi                                     -                  Member


3-      Welcome and Refreshment Committee for Special Occasion –

(A) Ms. Priya Jha                                         -                  Convener

(B) Sh.                                                        -                  Member

(C) Yoga Inst.                                             -                  Member

(D)                                                             -                  Member

(E) Sh. Abhishek Jain                                   -                  Member

(F) Ms Arnika Tyagi                                     -                  Member


4-      Admission Committee –

(A) Sh. P. C. Punetha                                   -                  Convener

(B) Sh. Abhishek Jain                                    -                  Member

(C)                                                                -                  Member


    5-      Examination & Moderation Committee –

CBSE (A)  Sh. Sanjeev Kumar                                    -                  Convener

(B) Sh. R K Singh                                            -                  Member

(C) Mrs.Rajani Gola                                         -                  Member

(D) Sh. Sanwar Mal Saini                                 -                  Member

(E) Sh. Prakash Punetha



(A)       Ms. Rajani Gola                                   -                  Convener

(B)   Sh. Sanjeev Kumar                                 -                  Member

(C)   Ms. S. Shahtaj Moeen                           -                  Member

(D)      Sh. Prakash Chandra Punetha                -                  Member

6-      Time Table/Arrangement Committee –

(A) Sh. Jugal Kishor (PGT-Maths)                 -                  Convener

(B) Sh. R.K. Singh                                        -                  Member

(C) Sh. P. C. Punetha                                    -                  Member


7-      CCA Committee –

(A) Ms. S. Shahtaj Moeen                            -                  Convener

(B) Ms. Rajani Gola                                     -                  Member

(C) Sh. Sandeep Bhatt                                  -                  Member

(D) Ms. Priya Jha                                        -                  Member

(E) Sh. Ravi Sharma                                    -                  Member


8-      School Beautification, Cleanliness, Upkeep, Maintenance, Gardening & Plantation Committee-

(A) Sh. Rajesh Choudhary                            -                  Convener

(B) Sh. Sanwar Mal Saini                             -                  Member

(C) PGT (Bio)                                             -                  Member

(D) Sh. Sandeep                                          -                  Member

(E) Sh. Srikant Sharma (TGT Sanskrit)         -                  Member

(F) Staff Nurse                                            -                  Member

(G) Sh. H. C. Rai                                        -                  Member


9-      Discipline Committee –

(A) All PGTs                                              -                  Convener

(B) Sh. Ravi Sharma                                    -                  Member

(C) Sh. Gulab Singh                                     -                  Member

(D) Sh. Rajneesh Joshi (Yoga Inst.)               -                  Member


10-  Allotment of Prefect at various Blocks and House-wise Duty –

(A) All House Masters                                  -                  Convener

(B)Yoga Inst.                                               -                  Member

(C) Sh. Ravi Sharma                                    -                  Member


11-  Sports Committee –

(A) Sh. Ravi Sharma                                    -                  Convener

(B) Sh. Anjali Verma                                   -                  Member

(C) Sh. Srikant Sharma (TGT Sanskrit)         -                  Member

(D) Yoga Inst.                                            -                  Member


12-  Science & Maths Exhibition Committee –

(A) All PGTs (Sc. & Maths)                          -                  Convener

(B) PGT (Bio)                                              -                  Member

(C) Sh. Ravindra Kumar                               -                  Member

(D) Sh. H. C. Rai                                          -                  Member


13-  Social Science Exhibition Committee –

(A) Sh. Sanwar Mal Saini                             -                  Convener

(B) Yoga Inst.                                            -                  Member

(C) Sh. Srikant Sharma (TGT Sanskrit)         -                  Member

(D) Music                                                    -                  Member

(E) Sh. Sandeep                                           -                  Member

(F) Sh. R.D. Prasad                                      -                  Member


14-  Scout & Guide Committee –

(A) Sh. Sandeep                                          -                  Convener

(B) Sh. P. C. Punetha                                 -                  Member

(C) Sh. Abhishek Jain                                 -                  Member


15-  Raj Bhasha Samiti –

(A)  Sh. Rajesh Chaudhary                            -                  Convener

(B) Sh. Srikant Sharma (TGT Sanskrit)         -                  Member

(C) Sh. P. C. Punetha                                  -                  Member

(D) Ms. Anjali Verma (Librarian)                 -                  Member


16-  Student’s Council Committee –

(A) Sh. Rajesh Chaudhary                           -                  Convener

(B) Sh. R.K. Singh                                      -                  Member

(C) Sh. Sanjeev Kumar                                -                  Member

(D) Sh. Jugal Kishor                                    -                  Member

(E) Sh. Sanwar Mal Saini                             -                  Member

(F) Sh. Ravindra Kumar                                -                  Member


17-  Photography Club –

(A) Sh. Sandeep                                          -                  Convener

(B) Ms. Arnika Tyagi                                   -                  Member


18-  Teaching Aids –

(A) Sh. Sanwar Mal Saini                             -                  Convener

(B)                                                             -                  Member

(C) All PGTs                                               -                  Member


19-  Teacher’s Diary and Student Attd. Registers Maintenance (To be presented to the principal at fixed Intervals)-

(A) Sh. Rajesh Chaudhary                            -                  Convener

(B) PGT Bio.                                              -                  Member

(C) Ms Priya Jha                                          -                  Member


20-  Checking of Fee Collection –

(A) Sh. Jugal Kishor                                     -                  Convener

(B) Sh. R.K. Singh                                       -                  Member

(C) Sh. Ravindra Kumar                             -                  Member

(D) Comp. Inst.                                          -                  Member


21-  Audio-Visual Aids Committee-

(A) Sh. Akhilesh Kumar                                  -                  Convener

(B) Sh. R. D. Prasad                                    -                  Member

(C) Sh. Ravindra Kumar                               -                  Member

(D) Sh. H. C. Rai                                         -                  Member


22-  Cleanliness Health, Hygiene, Uniform and late Comers Checking (Checking of Toilets, Water Tank, Classrooms, Staff Room etc., Daily report to be submitted in register) -

(A) Sh. Ravindra Kumar                                -                  Convener

(B) Sh. Naveen Dhyani                                    -                  Member

(C) Sh.Akhilesh Kumar                                   -                  Member

(D) Staff Nurse                                             -                  Member

(E) Yoga Inst.                                                -                  Member

(F) All Gr. ‘C’ Staff /Ms. Kunti Devi             -                  Member


23-  Computer-

(A) Sh. R.K. Singh (PGT-Comp. Sc.)            -                  Convener



24-  CMP –

(A) Sh. P. C. Punetha                                  -                  Convener

(B) All PRTs                                               -                  Member


25-  Music –

(A) PRT-Music                                              -                Convener      

(B) Sh. R. D. Prasad                                     -               Member         

26-  Mathematics Olymaiad –

(A) Sh. Jugal Kishor (PGT-Maths)                -                 Convener

(B) Sh. Ravindra Kumar                                 -                  Member

(C) Sh. Abhishek Jain                                  -                  Member


27-  Library and Reading Room Committee –

(A) Ms. Anjali Verma                                 -                  Convener

(B) Ms Rajani Gola                                      -                  Member

(C) Sh. Rajesh Chaudhary                            -                  Member

(D) Ms S. Shahtaj Moeen                             -                  Member


28-  First Aid and Medical Room Committee (Also Medical Check-up)-

(A) Staff Nurse                                            -                  Convener

(B) Sh. Ravi Sharma                                    -                  Member

(C) Ms Priya Jha                                          -                  Member

(D) Ms. Arnika Tyagi                                   -                  Member


29-  Furniture and Its Repairing –

(A) Sh. Abhishek Jain                                   -                  Convener

(B) Sh. R. D. Prasad                                    -                  Member

(C)                                                                -                  Member

(D) Sh. Akhilesh Kumar                                  -                  Member


30-  Nature and Eco Club –

(A) PGT-Bio                                               -                  Convener

(B) Sh. R. D. Prasad                                    -                  Member

(C) Sh. Sandeep                                           -                  Member

(D) Sh. Srikant Sharma (TGT Skt.)               -                  Member

(E) Staff Nurse                                              -                  Member


31-  Integrity Club –

(A)                                                            -                  Convener

(B) Sh. Abhishek Jain                                  -                  Member

(C) Sh. Srikant Sharma (TGT Skt.)              -                  Member

(D) Yoga Inst.                                              -                  Member


32-  Science Club –

(A) Sh. Science PGTs & PGT Maths             -                  Convener

(B) Sh. Ravindra Kumar                              -                  Member

(C) Sh. Sandeep                                           -                  Member


33-  Guidance & Counselling & Career Oriented Programmes –

(A) PGT (Hindi), PGT (English)                   -                  Convener

(B) Sh. R. D. Prasad                                    -                  Member

(C) Sh. Ravi Sharma                                    -                  Member

(D) Comp. Inst.                                         -                  Member

  Vidyalaya Patrika Committee –

(A) PGT (Hindi), PGT (English)                   -                  Convener

(B) Sh. P. C. Punetha (PRT)                        -                  Member

(C) Sh. R. D. Prasad                                    -                  Member

(D) Sh. Srikant Sharma (TGT Skt.)               -                  Member

(E)  Comp. Inst.                                             -                  Member


35-  Vidyalaya Website Committee–

(A) PGT (Comp) & PGT (Math)                  -                  Convener

(B) Sh. Rajesh Choudhary                            -                  Member

(C) Ms. S. Shahtaj Moeen                            -                  Member

(D) Comp. Inst.                                 -                  Member


36-  Editorial Board for CMP News Letter –

(A) Sh. Prakash Punetha                              -                  Convener

(B) Sh. Abhishek Jain                                   -                  Member

(C) Sh. Sandeep                                          -                  Member

(D) All PRTs                                               -                  Member


37-  Subject Committee –

(A) Sanskarit & Hindi                         -           TGT (Sanskrit) & Sub. Trs.

(B) English                                        -           Ms Rajni Gola & Sub. Trs.

(C) Social Science                              -           Sh. Sanwar Mal Saini & Sub. Trs.

(D) Physics                                        -           Sh. Sanjeev Kumar

(E) Chemistry                                    -           Sh. Naveen Dhyani (PGT Chemistry)

(F) Maths                                           -           Sh. Jugal Kishor

(G) Physical Edu.                               -           Sh. Ravi Sharma (TGT P&HE)

(H) Computer Science                        -           Sh. R.K. Singh (PGT CS)

(I) Biology                                         -           PGT Bio


37- Moderation Committee –

(A) Sh. B. D. Oli                                -        Chairman

(B) Ms. Rajani Gola                            -        Member

(C) Sh. Sanjeev Kumar                       -        Member

(D) Ms. S. Shahtaj Moeen                  -        Member

(E) Sh. P.C. Punetha                          -        Member